10 Best Mens Bronzers of 2022


When it comes to getting that sun-kissed look, bronzer is a guy’s best friend. But with so many different formulas and shades on the market, it can be tough to know where to start when shopping for a men’s bronzer. Read on for a complete guide to men’s bronzers – what to look for, the pros and cons, where to find reviews, and more!

When it comes to choosing a men’s bronzer, there are two main formula types to choose from – cream and powder. Cream bronzers tend to be more buildable and blendable, making them a good choice for those with dry skin. Powder bronzers, on the other hand, provide more of a matte finish and can be layered for extra coverage.

The next thing you’ll want to consider when picking out a men’s bronzer is shade. There are three main shades of bronzer – light, medium, and dark. If you’re fair-skinned, you’ll want to stick with a light or medium shade. Those with olive or tan skin should go for a medium shade, while those with dark skin will want to choose a dark shade.

Bronzers can be applied using a variety of different tools – a brush, sponge, or even your fingers. If you’re using a brush, look for one that’s soft and dense so that the bronzer goes on evenly. Sponges can also work well for applying bronzer if they’re dampened first. And if you opt to use your fingers, be sure to tap off any excess before applying the bronzer to your face so that you don’t end up with streaks.

Pros and Cons
Now that you know what formula and shade of bronzer is right for you as well as how to apply it, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of using bronzer. On the plus side, bronzer can help give your face dimension and make you look more awake. It can also be used year-round – not just in the summertime! – to add a little warmth to your complexion when the temperatures start to drop. On the downside, bronzer can be tricky to apply if you don’t have much experience with it and it’s easy to go overboard if you’re not careful.


With so many different formulas and shades on the market, shopping for men’s bronzer can feel daunting. But armed with the right information – like knowing which formula and shade will work best for your skin type as well as how to apply it – you’ll be able to find the perfect bronzer in no time!