10 Best Wifi Hose Timers of 2022


A wifi hose timer is a great way to automate your watering schedule and save yourself some time and effort. But with so many different models and features on the market, it can be tough to know where to start when shopping for one. Here’s a quick guide to help you narrow down your options and find the best wifi hose timer for your needs.

What Features to Look for in a Wifi Hose Timer

When shopping for a wifi hose timer, there are a few key features you’ll want to keep in mind. First, consider the type of timer you need. If you have a simple garden hose, you can get away with a basic model that just attaches to the spigot and has a single on/off setting. But if you have a more complex irrigation system, you’ll need a model that’s compatible with your specific setup and has more advanced features like multiple zones and programmable settings.

Next, think about how you want to control the timer. Some models come with an app that you can use to set up your watering schedule and make changes on the fly. Others come with a physical controller that you can keep inside your house or garage. And still, others can be controlled directly from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or another wireless connection. Choose the option that’s most convenient for you.

Finally, take a look at the price tag. Wifi hose timers range in price from around $30 to $200 or more, depending on the model and features. Decide how much you’re willing to spend and then narrow down your options accordingly.

Pros and Cons of Shopping Online for a Wifi Hose Timer

One of the great things about shopping online for a wifi hose timer is that you can easily compare prices and read customer reviews before making a purchase. You’ll also have a much wider selection of products to choose from than you would if you shopped in brick-and-mortar stores. On the downside, it can be tough to get a sense of what a particular model is like without seeing it in person, so you’ll want to be sure to read the product descriptions carefully before making your decision.

Where to Find Reviews of Wifi Hose Timers

If you’re not sure which wifi hose timer is right for you, reading customer reviews is a great way to get some unbiased opinions on different models. One place to start is Amazon; simply search for “wifi hose timer” and then sort the results by customer rating. Another option is Home Depot; they have their own section of customer reviews specifically for garden hoses and timers. Or, if you have any gardening friends or family members, see if they have any recommendations based on their personal experiences.

How Much Should You Expect to Spend on a Wifi Hose Timer?

Wifi hose timers range in price from around $30 up to $200 or more depending on the model and features. If you just need a basic model for watering your garden, you can probably get away with spending less than $100. But if you need something more complex for an irrigation system, expect to spend closer to $200 or more.

Common Problems You Might Encounter With Your Wifi Hose Timer

Once you’ve got your wifi hose timer installed, there are a few common problems you might encounter. First, if the timer isn’t properly connected to your home’s wifi network, it won’t be able to communicate with your smartphone or other devices (and vice versa). Make sure that the timer is within range of your router and that it’s connected to the correct network before trying to use it.

Another common issue is conflicting schedules—for example if your sprinklers are set to turn on at 6 am but your kids have soccer practice at 7 am (and they always forget their keys), there’s going to be a problem! To avoid this issue, try setting up multiple schedules with different start times so that everyone in the family knows when they need to be out of the house (and where their keys are!).


A wifi hose timer can be a great addition to any home—but only if you know what features to look for (and which ones aren’t worth paying extra for). Use this guide as a starting point when shopping for your own wifi hose timer, and you’ll be sure to find one that meets all of your needs (and doesn’t break the bank).