10 Best Spectra Star Kites of 2022

Kites are one of the oldest forms of aviation, dating back thousands of years. Today, kites come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional diamond-shaped kites to more complex designs. There is a kite out there for everyone, whether you’re a beginner looking for an easy-to-fly kite or an experienced flyer looking for a challenge. In this post, we’ll be focusing on one type of kite in particular: the spectra star kite.

What is a Spectra Star Kite?

A spectra star kite is a type of spooled kite that gets its name from its star-shaped canopy. Spectra star kites are incredibly easy to fly and are great for beginners and experienced flyers alike. They are also very portable, making them a great option for travel. Because they can be easily packed away, they are a good choice for flyers who want to be able to take their kite with them wherever they go.

What Are the Different Types of Spectra Star Kites?

There are two main types of spectra star kites: single-line and dual-line. Single-line kites are easier to fly but are not as maneuverable as dual-line kites. Dual-line kites give the flyer more control over the kite but can be more difficult to fly. If you’re not sure which type of spectra star kite is right for you, we suggest starting with a single-line kite and then moving on to a dual-line kite when you feel comfortable.

How Much Do Spectra Star Kites Cost?

The price of a spectra star will vary depending on the size, type, and brand of the kite. Expect to spend anywhere from $20 to $200 on a new spectra star kite. You can find cheaper options if you’re willing to buy used, but we recommend buying new if you can because you’ll have more guarantee of quality.


When it comes to choosing a spectra star kite, there are many factors to consider including price, size, type, and brand. In this post, we’ve outlined some important things to keep in mind when shopping for a spectra star kite so that you can find the perfect one for you.