10 Best Retractable Awnings of 2022


Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. However, the hot sun can sometimes be too much, especially if you don’t have any shade. That’s where a retractable awning comes in! A retractable awning is a great way to create instant shade on your patio or deck. But before you buy, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here is our retractable awning buyer’s guide!

What to Look for in a Retractable Awning

When you’re shopping for a retractable awning, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, consider the size of the area you want to cover. There are awnings available in all different sizes, so you’ll want to make sure you get one that will fit your space. Second, think about the style of the awning. There are many different styles available, so you’ll want to choose one that fits your taste and matches the look of your home. Finally, consider the price. Retractable awnings can range in price from around $200 to $2,000 or more, so you’ll want to set a budget and stick to it.

Pros and Cons of Retractable Awnings

There are both pros and cons to using a retractable awning. Some of the pros include providing instant shade on hot days, blocking harmful UV rays, and reducing energy costs by keeping your home cooler in the summer months. Some of the cons include the initial cost of purchasing an awning and the fact that they need to be retracted during bad weather conditions like high winds or heavy rain.

Why Shop Online for Retractable Awnings?

There are many benefits to shopping online for retractable awnings. First, you’ll have access to more selection than you would if you shopped at brick-and-mortar stores. Second, you can browse reviews from other customers before making your purchase decision. Third, prices tend to be lower online than they are in-store. And finally, most online retailers offer free shipping on retractable awnings, so you can save even more money!

Where Can I Find Reviews for Retractable Awnings?

If you’re looking for reviews for retractable awnings before making your purchase, there are plenty of places to find them online! You can start by visiting the websites of some of the major retailers that sell retractable awnings like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Or, try searching Google or Amazon for “retractable awning reviews.” You can also find helpful videos on YouTube if you want to see how an awning works before buying one yourself!

How Much Should I Expect To Spend on My Retractable Awning?

The cost of retractable awnings varies depending on several factors including size, style, and features. However, you should expect to spend anywhere from around $ 200 to $2000or more on a high-quality retractable awning for your home. If you shop around and compare prices online you can often find deals and discounts that will help you save money on your purchase!
Common Problems You Might Encounter With Your RetractabAbleawning While retractable awnings are generally very reliable products there are sometimes situations in which you may run into problems with your including tears or rips in the material from heavy Windsor debris, malfunctioning motors or sensors, or problems with the supports becoming loose over time. If any of these problems should occur it is important to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible for assistance with repairs or replacements under warranty.


We hope this guide has been helpful as you shop for your new retractable awning! These versatile products are great for adding instant shade and protection from UV rays while entertaining guests outdoors. Just remember to keep in mind factors like size, style preference, and price when making your selection. And don’t forget—shopping online is usually your best bet for getting the best selection and prices on retractable awnings!