10 Best Feather Pens With Holders of 2022


Feather pens with holders are a stylish and unique way to write. They offer a level of refinement that other pens simply can’t match. But with so many different types and styles of feather pens on the market, it can be tough to know where to start your search. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide on what to look for when shopping for feather pens with holders. Keep reading to learn more.

Type of Feather Pen

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is what type of feather pen you want. There are three basic types of feather pens: dip pens, quill pens, and fountain pens. Dip pens are the simplest and most inexpensive type of feather pen. They consist of a nib (the part of the pen that actually touches the paper) attached to a holder. Quill pens are made from actual feathers and are slightly more expensive than dip pens. Fountain pens are the most expensive and elaborate type of feather pen; they have an internal reservoir that holds ink, which is then fed to the nib via a tiny pump.

Nib Size
The next thing you’ll need to consider is the size of the nib. Nibs come in a variety of sizes, from extra-fine to broad. The right size for you will depend on your personal preference and writing style. If you’re not sure which size to get, we recommend starting with a medium or fine nib and seeing how it feels. You can always switch to a different size later if you find that the one you chose isn’t working out well for you.

Feather pens can be made from either natural or synthetic materials. Natural feathers are usually more expensive but also tend to be of higher quality. Synthetic feathers are usually less expensive but still provide excellent writing quality. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, there are also some hybrid options available that use both natural and synthetic materials in the construction of the pen.

Ink Color
Finally, you’ll need to decide what color ink you want your feather pen to use. The most common colors are black and blue, but there are also many other colors available, including green, red, purple, and even pink! And if you can’t decide on just one color, there’s no reason why you can’t get multiple colors of ink so that you can switch things up whenever you feel like it.


Feather pens with holders make an excellent addition to any desk or office space. They offer a level of refinement and sophistication that other types of pens simply can’t match. And when shopping for feather pens, there’s a lot to keep in mind in order to find the perfect one for you. But by considering factors like type, material, nib size, and ink color, you’ll be sure to find a feather pen that’s just right for your needs.