10 Best Bezel Less Tablets of 2022

Bezel-less tablets are the latest trend in mobile computing, but they’re not without their drawbacks.

The Pros of Bezel-Less Tablets

There are several benefits to bezel-less tablets. First, they offer a more immersive experience. The large screen area means you can see more of what’s going on around you, which can be great for gaming and watching movies. Second, they’re more durable. Because there’s no exposed glass, there’s less chance of the screen shattering if you drop it. Finally, they’re often cheaper than their traditional counterparts.

The Cons of Bezel-Less Tablets

However, there are some downsides to bezel-less tablets as well. First, they can be difficult to hold for extended periods of time. The lack of bezels makes them more slippery, so you’ll need to be careful to keep a good grip on them. Second, they’re not as widely available as traditional tablets. So if you’re looking for a specific model or brand, you might have difficulty finding it in stock. Finally, the large screen size means that they can be challenging to use with one hand. If you’re looking for a tablet that you can easily use on the go, a bezel-less tablet might not be the best option.


Bezel-less tablets are a popular new trend in mobile computing, but they come with both benefits and drawbacks. If you’re considering purchasing one, weigh the pros and cons carefully to decide if a bezel-less tablet is right for you.