10 Best Lp Cases of 2022


Vinyl records are becoming popular again, which means more and more people are looking for ways to protect their collections. LP cases are one of the most popular options, but with so many different types and styles on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one for your needs. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the things you should look for when shopping for an LP case, as well as some of the pros and cons of different types of cases. By the end, you should have a better idea of what kinds of LP cases are out there and which ones will work best for you.

Types of LP Cases

There are three main types of LP cases: plastic sleeves, hard plastic cases, and wooden cases. Each type has its own set of pros and cons that you’ll need to consider before making a purchase.

Plastic Sleeves

Plastic sleeves are the cheapest option and they’re also the easiest to find. You can usually find them at your local record store or online. They’re made from a thin plastic that’s not very durable, so they won’t do much to protect your records from getting scratched or damaged. However, they’re very light and easy to carry around, which makes them a good option if you’re planning on taking your records with you on the go.

Hard Plastic Cases

Hard plastic cases are more expensive than plastic sleeves, but they’re also more durable. They’re made from thicker plastic that will do a better job of protecting your records from damage. However, they’re also heavier and more difficult to carry around. If you’re not planning on taking your records with you on the go, then a hard plastic case is a good option.

Wooden Cases

Wooden cases are the most expensive option, but they’re also the most stylish and durable. They’re made from solid wood that will protect your records from scratches, dents, and other types of damage. Wooden cases are also very heavy, so they’re not ideal for carrying around. If you want to display your collection in your home or office, then a wooden case is a good option.

Common Problems You Might Encounter

When shopping for an LP case, there are a few common problems that you might encounter. First, many cases only come in standard sizes that might not fit your records properly. Second, some cases might be too big or too bulky to fit in your car or take with you on public transportation. Third, some cases only come with one or two handles, which can make them difficult to carry if you have a lot of records. Finally, some cases don’t have any padding or cushioning inside, which means your records could shift around and get scratched while inside the case.


When shopping for an LP case, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to choose the right one for your needs. First, consider the type of case you want: plastic sleeve, hard plastic case, or wooden case. Second, think about how much protection you need for your records and how easy it needs to be to carry the case around with you. Finally, keep an eye out for common problems like inadequate padding or sizing issues. By taking all of these factors into consideration before making a purchase, you can be sure that you’ll end up with an LP case that’s just right for you and your collection.