10 Best Starbucks Coffee Travel Mugs of 2022


Whether you’re a coffee lover or just need an extra jolt of energy in the morning, there’s no denying the appeal of Starbucks coffee. If you frequently find yourself on the go, you might want to invest in a travel mug so you can take your coffee to go. But with so many different types and styles of travel mugs available, how do you choose the right one? Check out this buying guide for everything you need to consider before purchasing a Starbucks coffee travel mug.

What to Look for in a Starbucks Coffee Travel Mug

When shopping for a Starbucks coffee travel mug, there are several features you’ll want to keep in mind. First, consider how much insulation you need. If you plan on drinking your coffee right away, a thinner mug with less insulation will do. But if you need your coffee to stay hot for hours, opt for a thicker mug with more insulation. Stainless steel mugs are a good choice if you need extra heat retention. Second, think about the size of the mug. If you drink large venti cups of coffee, make sure to get a mug that’s large enough to accommodate your beverage. You should also consider the shape of the mug and whether or not it will fit comfortably in your car cup holder. And finally, take into account the type of lid. Some mugs come with flip-top lids while others have screw-on lids. Flip-top lids are generally easier to use but screw-on lids provide a tighter seal and are less likely to leak.

The Pros and Cons of Shopping Online for Starbucks Coffee Travel Mugs

There are both advantages and disadvantages to shopping online for Starbucks coffee travel mugs. One pro is that you have a much larger selection of mugs to choose from than what’s available in stores. You can also easily compare prices and read customer reviews before making a purchase. On the downside, it can be tricky to know if a mug is a right size or shape without seeing it in person first. And if there are any problems with your order, it can take longer to resolve them since you’re dealing with an online retailer rather than a physical store.

Starbucks Coffee Travel Mug Review Sites and Blogs

If you want even more information on Starbucks coffee travel mugs before making your purchase, check out some review sites and blogs dedicated to this topic. A few good ones include The Best Stuff, Cool Material, and Smartertravel.com. These sites not only provide reviews but also helpful guides on everything from how to clean your mug to what type of lid is best suited for different types of beverages.

Budgeting for Your New Mug

You can find entry-level stainless steel travel mugs for around $20 but if you want something nicer—like one adorned with Swarovski crystals—you could end up spending $100 or more. So before start shopping, decide how much you’re willing or able to spend on your new mug so you don’t end up blowing your budget on an impulse buy.

Potential Problems With Starbucks Mugs

No matter how carefully you choose your new travel mug, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong after making your purchase. For example, the paint on some decorated mugs has been known to flake off over time or after being washed too many times in the dishwasher. If this happens, contact customer service for help getting a replacement or refund since most companies stand behind their products even after they’ve been sold.


There are plenty of things to consider before purchasing a Starbucks coffee travel mug but by keeping all of these factors in mind, you can be sure to choose the perfect mug for your needs—and enjoy many delicious cups of joe on the go!