10 Best Scooters For 11 Year Olds of 2022


You’ve seen them zipping around your neighborhood and whizzing by you on the sidewalk. They’re electric scooters, and they’re becoming increasingly popular with kids and adults alike. If you’re thinking of buying an electric scooter for your 11-year-old, there are a few things you should know before taking the plunge. In this blog post, we’ll cover what features to look for, the pros and cons of owning an electric scooter, where to find reviews, how much you can expect to spend, and common problems you might encounter. By the end of this post, you’ll be an expert on electric scooters for 11-year-olds!

What Features to Look For

When you’re shopping for an electric scooter for your 11-year-old, the most important thing to look for is a model that’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. Most electric scooters for kids weigh between 15 and 20 pounds. You’ll also want to make sure that the handlebars are adjustable so that your child can ride comfortably. Additionally, look for a model with a handbrake; this will give your child more control over the scooter and help prevent accidents. Finally, consider opting for a foldable model; this way, your child can easily carry the scooter with them when they’re not riding it.

Pros and Cons of Owning an Electric Scooter

Now that you know what features to look for in an electric scooter, let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of owning one. One of the biggest advantages of owning an electric scooter is that they’re eco-friendly; since they don’t rely on gas or oil to operate, they produce zero emissions. Additionally, electric scooters are very affordable; even high-end models usually cost less than $1000. And since they don’t require much upkeep (no tune-ups or oil changes!), they’re very inexpensive to maintain. On the downside, electric scooters can be dangerous; without proper safety gear like a helmet and knee pads, riders are at risk of serious injury if they should fall off. Additionally, electric scooters are not allowed on many sidewalks and bike paths; be sure to check local laws before riding yours in public places.

Where to Find Reviews

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not an electric scooter is right for your 11-year-old, talking to friends or neighbors who own one is a great way to get first-hand information about what it’s like to use one on a daily basis. Additionally, there are dozens of websites (like Scootereviews.com) that provide in-depth reviews of different models of electric scooters; reading these reviews can help you narrow down your choices and make a decision about which model is right for your child.

How Much Should You Expect to Spend?

The price of electric scooters can vary widely depending on factors like the brand, the quality of components used, and whether or not the scooter comes with accessories like a helmet or knee pads. In general, you should expect to spend between $200 and $500 on an electric scooter for your 11-year-old; however, it’s possible to find models that cost more or less than this depending on where you shop.

Common Problems You Might Encounter

Even if you do your research and buy a well-made electric scooter from a reputable company, there’s always a chance that you’ll run into problems down the road. One common issue is flat tires; since most models don’t come with spare tires (or even Inner tubes), you’ll either need to patch up the tire yourself or take the scooter into a shop to have it fixed. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for batteries to die unexpectedly; if this happens while your child is out riding their scooter, they could be stranded far from home with no way to get back. Be sure to talk to your child about what to do in case of an emergency before letting them ride their new scooter!


We hope this blog post has been helpful in teaching you everything you need to know about buying an electric scooter for your 11-year-old! Remember: when shopping for a scooter, look for a lightweight model with adjustable handlebars and a handbrake. Be sure to read online reviews before making your purchase, and expect to spend between $200 and $500. And finally, familiarize yourself with common problems that might be encountered so that you can assist your child if they should have any issues while riding their new scooter!