10 Best Standing Ab Machines of 2022


It’s that time of year again. Just a few short weeks until swimsuit season, and you know what that means. Time to start shopping for a new ab machine! But with all the machines on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Never fear, we’re here to help. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over what features to look for when purchasing an ab machine, the pros, and cons of various types of machines, where to find reviews, and how much you can expect to spend. By the time you’re done reading this guide, you’ll be an expert on ab machines and ready to make a purchase!

What Features to Look For

When buying an ab machine, there are several features you’ll want to take into account. First, consider the type of machine you want. There are three basic types of ab machines: sit-up benches, Crunch Machines, and Roman Chairs. Sit-up benches are the most basic type of machine; they allow you to do sit-ups and crunches with resistance from a weight bar or dumbbells. Crunch Machines are similar to sit-up benches but often have additional features such as arm bars or leg raise attachments. Roman Chairs are the most advanced type of machine; they allow you to do a variety of exercises including sit-ups, crunches, back extensions, and more.

Once you’ve decided on the type of machine you want, consider your budget. Ab machines can range in price from around $50 to over $1,000. Of course, you’ll get what you pay for; more expensive machines will usually have more features and be better quality than cheaper ones. However, if you’re just starting out or on a tight budget, there are still plenty of great options available at the lower end of the price spectrum.

Finally, think about where you’ll be using your machine. If you plan on using it at home, make sure you have enough space to store it when it’s not in use. If you’re bringing it to the gym with you, consider how easy it is to transport and set up/take down.

Pros and Cons of Various Types of Machines

Now that we’ve gone over some of the features you’ll want to consider when buying an ab machine, let’s take a closer look at the three main types of machines: sit-up benches, Crunch Machines, and Roman Chairs.
Sit-up Benches:

Inexpensive, versatile (can be used for more than just sit-ups/crunches), typically easy to set up and take down

Lower weight capacity than other types of machines, not as stable as other types of machines
Crunch Machines

More stable than sit-up benches; additional features such as arm bars or leg raise attachments

More expensive than sit-up benches; typically take up more space
Roman Chairs

The most stable type of ab machine; allows for a variety of different exercises

The most expensive type of ab machine; typically takes up the most space continue writing in an active voice about 3 pros & cons of each type

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