10 Best TFT Monitors of 2022

If you’re in the market for a new TFT monitor, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the options out there. With so many different features and prices to choose from, it’s tough to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve put together this helpful guide to walk you through the process of finding the perfect TFT monitor for your needs.

When you’re shopping for a new TFT monitor, there are a few key features you’ll want to keep in mind. First, think about the size of the monitor you need. If you’re only going to be using it for basic tasks like browsing the internet and checking email, then a smaller monitor will suffice. However, if you plan on doing more intensive work like video editing or graphic design, then you’ll need a larger monitor with a higher resolution.

You’ll also want to consider the refresh rate and response time of the monitor. Refresh rate is measured in Hertz (Hz) and is essentially how often the image on the screen is refreshed per second. A higher refresh rate means that images will appear smoother and more realistic on the screen. Response time is measured in milliseconds (ms) and refers to how long it takes for pixels to change colors. A lower response time means that there will be a less blurry motion on the screen.

Pros and Cons of TFT Monitors

TFT monitors have a few advantages over other types of monitors on the market. Firstly, they tend to be much cheaper than other options like OLED or IPS monitors. They also consume less power, which is great if you’re worried about your energy bill. Additionally, TFT monitors generally have faster refresh rates and lower response times than their competition, which results in a smoother overall experience.

However, there are a few downsides to TFT monitors as well. One major downside is that they don’t offer wide viewing angles like some other types of monitors do. This means that if you’re not looking at the screen head-on, the image can start to look distorted. Additionally, TFT monitors are generally not as bright as other types of monitors, so they might not be ideal for use in well-lit rooms.

Why Shop Online?

One of the great things about shopping for a new TFT monitor online is that you have access to thousands of reviews from other customers who have purchased the same product. This can give you a better idea of what people liked and didn’t like about a particular model before you make your purchase. Additionally, online retailers often offer competitive pricing that can save you money compared to shopping at a brick-and-mortar store.
Many online retailers also offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount, so be sure to look out for that as well!


We hope this guide has been helpful as you navigate the process of finding the perfect TFT monitor for your needs!