10 Best Scratching Cat Toys of 2022

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Coastal Pet Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy - Cardboard Cat...


Cat Toy Ball Track: The rounded race track with a ball encourages cat exercise and kitten play
Practical Cat Toy: The no-slip bottom prevents this cat toy from moving around during play
Catnip Cat Toy: Catnip is included to boost cat's energy during playtime with the cat toy ball
Cardboard Cat Scratcher: The texture satisfies the urge to tear furniture; the replacement pad is available
Coastal Pet Cares: We design and deliver quality products that people trust for the pets they love
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PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post Premium Sisal Toll Scratch...


Sisal fiber scratching posts help keep nails healthy,Interactive toys at the bottom and 2 birds on the branches give the cat more fun,Helps keep your cat from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains. toys will draw the cat away from the furniture.
Natural and Premium Quality:Made of 100% environmental-friendly material which is harmless to your cat.Cat Scratch Post is made of recyclable thickened paper tubes, and wrapped with naturally sisal ,The bases is made of strong P2-MDF wood.
Sturdy and safe: Square base prevents tilting and rocking, 1.2 inch thickened base provides greater reliability and stability.
Easy assembly , quick and simple screw assembly, including screws and wrenches.Two different assembly methods provide different interesting effects for kittens and cats.
Measures 11.8 x 11.8 x 25 inches (LxWxH).Designed for indoor use,Neutral color tones fit in with your home's existing decor
AFTER-SALE SERVICE: No matter what problems you may encounter, you can contact us anytime.We will try our best to let you enjoy every shopping at PEEKAB.
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Made4Pets Cat Scratching Post Cat Scratcher Toy Wooden...


【Cat Scratching Post】:This interactive cat scratcher is a combination of cat scratching post and cat toys and it features with a flush ball on the top, 1 sisal scratching post for climbing and sharpening cat claws and 4 playballs to exercise cats’ instinct of catching. This scratcher engages small kittens and adult cats in multiple levels of play, making it both useful and amusing!
【3-Tier Cat Toy Board】:The cat scratchers pole is designed with 3 levels of tracks and 4 moving balls to attract kitty’s attention! Your cat will adore batting, swatting, and pouncing the playing balls as they entertain their natural instincts to hunt.
【Natural Sisal Rope & Sturdy Base 】: Cat Pole is made of 100% natural sisal to satisfy your cats’ natural instinct of scratching. The bottom base is made of heavy chipboard, safe and stable, avoid tipping and shaking, also provide reliability and stability while kitten playing the balls.
【Keep Your Furnitures Free From Kitty Claws】:Preserve your expensive furniture and home furnishings by giving your cat the right toy to scratch, claw, pull and tear at will.
【4-Step Installation, Tools Included】:Follow the Instructions, the cat scratcher takes only 4 steps to assemble the 6 boards and 1 pole, your furry friend can enjoy this toy in a few minutes’ waiting.
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PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post and Pad, Sisal-Covered...


SPACE SAVING:15.7" x 12.4" x 6.3"(L x W x H) when set up. Doesn’t occupy precious room while meet your cats scratching and fun needs.
EFFECTIVE WAY TO KEEP AWAY FROM FURNITURE: Fully Wrapped scratching post and the scratching board allow your felines to scratch from any angles as they like.
EXTRA FUN:It is equipped with a fuzzy ball that add the thrill of hunt as bat it back and forth. Your cat will have hours and hours fun of it.
PREMIUM MATERIAL:The scratching post is composed of particle boards with soft carpeted and natural sisal surface that is safe and friendly for cats touch
Easy Assembly: Simple construction requires minor assembling. Put it together in few minutes or seconds.
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AUOON Cat Scratcher Toy, Cat Toy, Scratch...


Cat Toy Balls Not Pull Out Easily, when the cat catches the ball with paws, the ball will roll around the track, keep your cats occupied and entertained - Cat Toy.
The cat scratcher has a channel with a small ball and your cat can nudge with its nose or shove with its paw.
In the center of the cat scratcher, the textured scratch pad is both durable and replaceable.
1 base (13" diameter), 1 round corrugated cardboard scratcher(9.7" diameter) and 1 ball and 1 Mouse Swatter; place ball in track for hours of fun - entertain your cat and keep away your furniture from scratching!
Protect your furniture, as cats prefer to scratch ,the cat scratch board can provide a good one to replace your furniture, which can protect your furniture from cat's claw damage and won't hurt cat's toes.
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Cat Scratching Posts, Cat Scratcher Toy,Natural Sisal...


🐹【The latest upgraded Cat Scratcher Toy】: This sisal cat scratching ball toy adopts the durable solid wood and natrual sisal ball. Put in the living room, bedroom and other places cats love to go, can prevent sofa and other furniture from being scratched by cats. Save money of maintaining furniture.
🐹【Natural Sisal Cat Scratching Ball Size】: The diameter of the sisal cat scratching ball is about 16cm, the solid wood base size is 22*18*16cm, the stick length is 19cm.Size is appropriate for most cats and kittens.
🐹【High Quality Cat Scratcher Toy】: The base of triangle frame is designed to support sisal ball, which is stable and difficult to pour, so that cats can not be hurt and safer when playing this toy. The sisal cat scratching ball is made of environment-friendly and durable materials and will not fall apart easily.
🐹【Interesting Cat Toys】: This kind of sisal cat scratching ball toy is different from the ordinary cat toys. The unique hollow design meets the curiosity of cats by combining with the characteristics of cats' natural love of drilling holes. The spinning sisal ball can also greatly attract the cat's attention.
🐹【Easy to install】: this cat toy comes with a screwdriver. Installation is very easy. Use a hard stick to connect two V-shaped pieces, pull the sword up the cat to catch the stick on the ball, put another board on the stick, and tighten the three screws on the board.If you have any question please feel free to contact us.
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SmartyKat Scratch Scroll Sisal & Carpet Cat Scratcher...


IDEAL SCRATCHING OUTLET: The SmartyKat Scratch Scroll offers an ideal multi-surface carpet and sisal scratching surface to fulfill your cat’s instinctual desire to scratch. Plus, this curled cat scratcher comes with an attachable feather toy that will keep your kitty entertained for hours.
PROMOTES HEALTHY NAIL GROWTH: Scratch Up offers an ideal place to scratch, and also promotes your cat’s healthy nail growth, tones those muscles and alleviates home-related stressors by leaning into your cat’s natural urges - all without ruining your furniture!
KEEPS FURNITURE SCRATCH-FREE: The multi-surface sisal and carpet provides a sturdy floor scratcher for cats to lounge and scratch, and is perfect for keeping your feline friend away from furniture, drapes, carpets and walls.
TESTED FOR SAFETY: SmartyKat always makes safety a priority, which is why we design products to meet child safety standards. They do not contain small parts, long cords, or other hazards, ensuring kids in the home are safe, whether they are two-footed or four-pawed.
ABOUT US: SmartyKat creates stylish cat products that help pet owners easily meet the emotional, physical, and instinctual needs of their cats. From scratchers and interactive toys to edible grass and catnip, all our products are designed to stimulate a particular feline need while also fostering a stronger relationship between you and your cat!
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Best Pet Supplies Scratch and Spin Cat Scratcher Pad...


Spin and Chase Cat Scratcher – An interactive toy that keeps your pet chasing, scratching, and playing this unique Scratch & Spin system features a corrugated cardboard pad in the middle and two balls they can chase in the inner track.
Replaceable Cardboard Pad – Our double-sided cat scratching board can be swapped out for other round cat scratching pads for cats, so you can support active play long after this pad is torn to shreds. Perfect for supporting kittens and cats of all ages.
Two Interactive Balls for Cats – Inside the track of our cat scratching pad you’ll find two smooth-rolling balls that cats will love to swat, bat back and forth, and chase, which is good for supporting both physical and mental daily health.
Non-Slip Base for Stability – The Best Pet Supplies cat pad scratcher is fitted with four skid-resistant “feet” on the bottom that help keep it from sliding around on wood, tile, linoleum, or carpet, so cats can swat, scratch, pounce, and swipe safely.
Durable and Contemporary Design – A small 10.25” diameter means you can easily keep this cat toy in the corner of your living area or right in the middle of the room, while the rustic, naturally-recycled wood fits seamlessly with other home decor.
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Kitten Toys - Cat Scratcher Toy , Kitten Toys for...


🐾[Cat scratching Posts] - 9 inches Height, design for kitties or smaller cats, except huge cats, which is perfect gift for cats up to 10lbs to relax and play.
🐾[Natural Sisal Scratching Post] - Cat scratching posts are wrapped with natural sisal rope, Base tower are made with heavy chipboard covered with soft plush, safe and stable, Avoid tipping and wobbling, provides reliability and stability, Wooden material , Handmade, Which is very suitable for kittens scratching and grinding claws to protect your furniture from cats.
🐾[Fun for Cats] - Helping cats stretch their bodies, Exercise their muscles and develop balance control and feline flexibility., The scratching post help to remove the dead outer layer of claws and stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws. When the nature is released, happiness and health accompany their growth.
🐾[Additional Benefit] - Designed with cats in mind. It is equipped with hanging toy stimulate their prey-like behavior like pouncing and swatting and enhance their playing time with it and provide extra fun for them.
🐾[Preium Quality] - With manufacture experience in the pet-supply industry, We are committed to the best quality products. The soft material and stable design is 100% guaranteed with your satisfaction, It is a cat gifts for cat lovers.
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Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board Comes with a Toy Bell...


【Corrugated Paper Material】: Choose high-quality environmentally friendly corrugated paper, honeycomb encrypted and thickened, with tight gaps, strong and durable, and will not hurt the claws
【Mesh Design】: Strong high-pressure bonding, not easy to deform, rest assured to grind the claw,:With built-in round bell ball in the middle of the scratcher with a pleasant jingle when rolling. Serves as both a scratching board and a lounge for your cats, providing a comfortable environment for cats' playing and lying.
【Multi-purpose Play Space for One Thing】: Unleash the nature of cats, you can use a large scratching board from a young age,Connect cat scratching boards together to increase the area of the cat scratching board, cats have more fun playing.
【Claw Grinding·Play·Rest】: Bone shape, can be used as a bed for sleeping, or can be scratched at will, so that cats fall in love with the claws
【Why A Cat Needs A Scratching Board】It destroys your furniture, punctures its own pads when sharpening nails, and is often boring when you're not home without enemies scratching.

If you have a cat, you know that one of their favorite activities is sharpening their claws on your furniture. It’s important to provide them with an alternative so they don’t ruin your upholstery, and that’s where scratching cat toys come in. In this guide, we’ll show you what to look for when purchasing a scratching cat toy, as well as the pros and cons of different types of toys. We’ll also give you some tips on where to find the best deals and reviews. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll be an expert on everything related to scratching cat toys!

Types of Scratching Cat Toys

There are two main types of scratching cat toys: those made of cardboard and those made of sisal rope. Cardboard toys are generally cheaper and easier to find, but they don’t usually last as long as sisal rope toys. Sisal rope is a more durable material, but it can be hard on your cat’s claws if they’re not used to it. There are also a few hybrid materials on the market that combine cardboard and sisal, which may be a good option if you’re not sure which type of toy your cat will prefer.

Pros and Cons of Scratching Cat Toys

Scratching cat toys have a few distinct advantages over letting your cat sharpen their claws on your furniture. First of all, they’re much less expensive to replace than a new couch or chairs. They’re also better for your cat’s health since their claws can become overgrown if they don’t have anything to scratch. And finally, most cats seem to enjoy scratching things far more than they enjoy cuddling with them, so a good scratching toy can be a great way to keep your feline friend entertained.

Of course, there are a few downsides to consider as well. Some cats may not take to scratching toys right away, and it may take some trial and error to find one that they like. Additionally, even the best-made scratching toy won’t last forever, so you’ll need to keep an eye on it and replace it when necessary.

How Much Should You Spend on a Scratching Cat Toy?

The cost of scratching cat toys can vary widely depending on the material and size. Cardboard toys typically start at around $5, while sisal rope toys can cost anywhere from $10-$20.If you’re looking for a high-end option or something unique, you could end up spending upwards of $50. Of course, you can always DIY a scratching toy if you’re feeling crafty!

Common Problems With Scratching Cat Toys

There are a few common problems that you may encounter when purchasing a scratching toy for your cat. The first is that some cats simply refuse to use them no matter what type of toy you buy. If this happens, don’t get discouraged—just keep trying different types until you find one that they like. Another issue is that some cats tend to shred their toys rather than actually scratch them. If this happens often, it’s probably best to stick with cardboard or another softer material so they don’t damage their claws.


We hope this guide has helped you learn everything you need to know about buying the best scratching cat toy for your feline friend. With so many options on the market, it can be tough to know where to start—but we’re confident that armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to find the perfect toy in no time!