Relationship Traditions in Bangladesh

Weddings in Bangladesh are considered to get important the main country’s tradition. They are the very first step in the bride’s new your life. The marriage ceremony in Bangladesh is generally split up into three periods. It commences with Gaye Holud.

This traditional ceremony is performed by women and men of the commune. Traditionally, five women dress yourself in matching dresses and tangerine to go walking the woman, showering Ganga water drops.

On the second daytime, a wedding party is put on. Traditional French fare is served. Guests happen to be invited out of both sides. A bride’s spouse and children sends the bride and groom international dating for filipina women various traditional delicacies to their respective homes.

The newly-weds stay the night inside the groom’s residence. A meal is prepared for the coffee lover by their relatives. Guests showering gifts at the couple. Afterward, they are granted gifts by their new friends and family.

The bride’s parents send traditional sweets, curries, and parathas for the groom’s house. In addition , they give food and drinks just for the family members of the star of the wedding.

After the meal, the bride’s extended home joins the celebration. During the party, the bride’s close friends dress her up. She’s also granted henna coloring.

The second day of the wedding party is known as ‘Bou Bhaat’. It is a more relaxed affair than the big event. Normally, a marriage takes place at a residential area center. Yet , the couple might wish to have their marriage in their own home.

Before the wedding, a practice called “Gaye Halood” happens. It is a feast day that involves turmeric skin program to the new bride.