10 Best Decorative Tiles of 2022

#TOP 1

Color y Tradicion 25 Mexican Tiles 4x4 Handpainted...


25 Mexican Tile mix
Colonial patterns similar as the image
ceramic tile size: 4x4 each
#TOP 2

9 Mixed Designs (NO Stickers) Real Ceramic A1 Quality...


Fountain, showers, pools, underwater ok! walls and floors too!
Interior or outside Grills, near to fire ok!
Subzero temperatures ok!
✅ 9 different tiles some DIFFERENT as the picture the ones we have on stock
Exquisite tiles, best option for million dollar home projects.
#TOP 3

Mandala Style 16 Pcs (6x6 in) Decorative Tile Stickers,...


【Size】5.9 in*5.9 in (15cm* 15cm), a set of 16 pieces.
【Features】 Wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, oil-proof,water- prof, can decorate any smooth wall.
【How to use】Clean the place to be pasted, tear off the protective film on the front, and then tear off the gummed paper on the back, and press it on the wall.
【Material】Selected imported environmentally friendly vinyl materials, non-toxic, delicate and comfortable, can be easily removed without leaving traces, can be applied to any flat and clean surface, such as ceramic, wood, glass, porcelain or stone, can be moved and Will not damage the surface.The pattern is clear, there will be no color difference, other brands on the market have serious color difference, and the quality is very poor.
【Applicable places】 It can be affixed to the backsplash of kitchen and bathroom, washing machine room,stairs, cabinets, living room, bedroom wall rental room,apartment,foor, dining room, you can re-decorate your space, which is very high quality and low price. The public love it ,you can post it wherever you want, DIY at will.
#TOP 4

Art3d Decorative Ceiling Tile 2x2 Glue up, Suspended...


INSTALLATION-Easily lay into a standard 15/16" T-bar drop ceiling grid system or glued over any flat substrates
MATERIAL ADVANTAGE: It's made out of lightweight PVC, flexible and will not crack, water and corrosion resistant for exceptional durability, safe and fully recycable
PACKING QUANTITY: It contains 12 tiles of sized 24"x24", and 1 part of blank tile for border filling. Covering 48 sq.ft
CONSTRUCTION: It's thin and lightweight, pretty easy to work with, paintable, cut with a snip, scissors or utility knife for quick and easy installation,
MULTIPURPOSE: These elegant stylish 3D designs are excellent no matter for remodeling or new construction to ceiling or wall decoration
#TOP 5

Benaya - Handcrafted Ceramic Art – Hummingbirds...


#TOP 6

DYARI Set of 9 Decorative Ceramic Tiles Hand Painted...


Beautiful Painted Tiles : The unique Mediterranean bathroom ceramic tiles have distinctive designs, hand-painted by expert Artisans. Every tile paint is different and has an artistic human touch.
Durable Outdoor Floor Tiles : Our high quality ceramic decorative tiles are perfect as outdoor tile decor. These 10x10 cm ceramic tiles are highly durable and waterproof. The outdoor ceramic floor tiles can withstand heat, cold, and a large amount of footfall.
Indoor Decorative Tiles : These colorful floor tiles have ornate designs that will give your house indoors, an alive and artsy look. You can use these Mediterranean decorative tiles on your bathroom floor, kitchen table, indoor patio, or any other place in your home.
Easy Maintenance : The square foot ceramic tiles set is resistant to water and stains and can be cleaned easily with a simple wipe. The outdoor ceramic floor tiles do not heat up under hot weather and withstand rain without losing paint.
Versatile Ceramic Tiles : This Spanish style hand-painted set of 9 decorative tiles can be used in a creative arts and crafts project. You can also make pretty coasters out of this Ceramic 10x10 cm. Our artistic ceramic tiles look beautiful in swimming pools, outdoor floor, or as fancy home décor.
#TOP 7

KASARO 10-Sheet Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles with...


Reinforced Composite Material: This beige peel and stick backsplash tile is a natural combination of realistic marble and vintage aluminium long and short stripes. A perfect choice to match today’s modern room decor. Use high-quality materials to protect the health of your loved kids and pets.
Versatile Backsplash Tile: Thicker peel and stick tile backsplash with surface coating (4mm in thickness), resistant to heat, moisture and scratch, can fill the gaps between the countertops and cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, to protect your wall from water and stains. Besides, Simple designed self adhesive wall tile is also suitable for decorating all possible surfaces in living room and bedroom, such as fireplace surface, TV backdrop, bed backdrop, etc.
Just Peel and Stick: Our peel and stick tile is easy to install, remove and cut, saving your time and money on labor. No glue, grout or extra tool is needed. Please cut along the gap between long hexagon pieces with scissors. Directly cutting the pieces needs a cutting machine. DIY-friendly self adhesive tile sticker, use your creativity and imagination to beautify your space!
Easy Care: Our wall tile backsplash peel and stick made from aluminium-plastic material has a clean and smooth surface. Easy to wipe the water, dust and stains on the surface with a damp cloth. Strong stickness. Durable, so no worry for peeling off and deformation. More than 10 years of service life. Notice: please make sure that the installation surface is dry and clean to maintain the good adhesion of the wall sticker to the wall.
Package: 11.4 x 10.6 x 0.16 inches/sheet, 10 sheet/package, covering about 8.4 sq.ft. Suggestion: better to purchase Sample of our faux marble wall panels first to test how it will look with the rest of the room’s items and decor. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Your 100% satisfaction is out 1# priority.
#TOP 8

3dRose ct_266850_4 Trendy Mermaid Waves Sparkle Blue...


Brilliantly colored, with complex glazes and unique textures
Decorative tiles
Manufactured in united states
Package Dimension: 16.0" L x 18.0" W x 0.2" H
#TOP 9

AINNO Floral Decorative Tile Sticker, Waterproof Vinyl...


✅【12 PCS VINYL TILE STICER】: Self adhesive backsplash tiles sticker,a set of 12 pieces, 6"x 6" each. Our pattern colors have black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue,gray cyan and multicolor. Our pattern styles have mandala, moroccan, mexican talavera, mediterranean etc.
✅【FEATURE】:Waterproof, oilproof, heat resistant, anti-cratch, easy to remove and clean, will not leave any debris, will not damage the wall, The pattern is clear,not discoloration.
✅【STRONGER UPGRADE ADHENSIVE】: Premium peel and stick backsplash tile sticker will not peeling after installation,not only stick firmly to the smooth and clean surface, but also available on lightly textured wall.
✅【EASY TO USE】: Just peel and stick,no grout, no special tools needed,adapted to instant renovation and decoration.
✅【WIDELY USE 】: DIY at Will! our decor tile sticker can be widely used for smooth walls, flooring, kitchen backsplash, bathroom back splashes, shower, staircase, behind stove backsplash, furniture, windows, door, RV, shelf liner, cabinets, countertops, drawers, bookshelves, fireplace, closet shelving, laundry, accent wall, photo frames, locker, pantry areas and Christmas/Halloween decor etc.
#TOP 10

3dRose Flower Girl Mexican Art Colorful Ceramic Tile,...


Dimensions: 12-inch h by 12-inch w by 1/4-inch d
Construction grade. floor installation not recommended
Image applied to the top surface
High gloss finish
Clean with mild detergent
Construction grade. floor installation not recommended

Decorative tiles are a beautiful way to add personality and style to any room in your home. Whether you’re looking for a backsplash for your kitchen or a new floor for your bathroom, decorative tiles can make any space feel more like your own. But with so many different types, materials, and sizes of decorative tiles on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. This guide will walk you through everything you need to consider before buying decorative tiles for your home.

Types of Decorative Tiles

There are four main types of decorative tiles: ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone. Each type has its own unique benefits and drawbacks that you’ll want to consider before making a purchase.

Ceramic tiles are the most affordable option and are available in a wide range of colors and styles. However, they are also the least durable option and are more likely to chip or crack than other types of tile. Porcelain tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles but they’re also more durable and stain-resistant. Glass tiles are the most expensive option but they offer a unique look that other types of tile simply can’t match. Stone tiles are the most durable type of tile but they’re also the heaviest and the most difficult to install.

When choosing decorative tiles for your home, it’s important to consider both the benefits and the drawbacks of each type of tile before making a purchase. Consider what you need the tile for and how much traffic it will see. If you’re looking for a tile that will see a lot of foot traffic, opt for something more durable like porcelain or stone. If you’re looking for something more affordable or easy to install, go with ceramic or glass.

Where to Buy Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles are available at most home improvement stores as well as online retailers like Amazon.com. When shopping online, be sure to read customer reviews before making a purchase to ensure that you’re getting a quality product. You should also compare prices between different retailers to get the best deal possible.

How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

The cost of decorative tiles varies depending on the type, size, and style of tile you select. Ceramic tiles typically cost between $0.50 and $5 per square foot while porcelain tiles cost between $2 and $10 per square foot. Glass tiles typically cost between $8 and $20 per square foot while stone tiles typically cost between $10 and $30 per square foot installed.


Decorative tiles are a beautiful way to add personality and style to any room in your home. With so many different types, materials, sizes, and styles of decorative tile available on the market, it can be tough to know where to start when shopping for new tile for your home project. This guide has covered all important points from what features to look for while buying new decorative Tiles for your home projects [like bathroom or kitchen]to common problems one might face while installing them.[like durability issue or cost] I hope this guide was informative enough to give some clarity on what route you should take when out shopping for decorative tile yourself!